Graphic Artwork – During my years in the Communications-Technology Course, I was given the chance to work with Adobe Photoshop software, where I had the opportunity to design movie posters and other graphic media pieces. Below is a sample of graphic artwork from my years in the Communications-Technology Course. 

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Short Films – Along with graphic artwork, I also had the opportunity to get together with some of peers, to short short films that may not only be appealing to the eye, but also conveys a personal message to the audience. The following is a playlist containing a sample of short films and shooting pieces from the Communications-Technology courses.

Ignite Media Showcase – Mr. Anthony Perrotta, the department head of the Business and Computer Studies at Chaminade College School has always advocated for student exposure opportunities, with the philosophy that student work should live beyond the walls of the school. For the past five years, Mr. Perrotta has moderated Chaminade’s Ignite Media Showcase. During my years in Mr. Perrotta’s class, I have had many of the above pieces showcased at Ignite. Click below to access the Ignite Media Showcase website.