Covid-19 Pandemic Message for Catholics

Dear Friends in Christ,

Has this pandemic been worrisome for you? It certainly has been for me lately, being in lecture halls with hundreds of people at the University of Toronto. I have taken precautions to the best of my ability, limiting my traveling on public transit only to and from the University of Toronto St. George Campus on weekdays, and traveling to work and youth ministries on weekend. I hope everyone have taken similar precautions.

However, dear brothers and sisters, it is precisely during this time that I am reminded of St. Teresa of Avila’s words she wrote down in her Breviary:

Let nothing disturb you,
nothing frighten you,
All things are passing.
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Whoever has God lacks nothing.
God is enough.

As we are in this holy Season of Lent, I would like to remind everyone of us to hold firm to our faith. No matter what comes to us, even when times get dark, “Christ is our only Hope.” Understanding that, let us be people of charity – that means taking all precautions to avoid the spreading the virus even in acts of piety. Our obedience to our local bishop’s directives are crucial at this time.

In the mean time, we pray for everyone throughout the world, and place ourselves under the protection of Mary, Mother of Mercy. Let us not, however, as Pope Francis reminded us today, to forget the most vulnerable to this virus, namely the poor.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.
All saints, pray for us.

Sincerely yours in Our Lord,

Vincent Pham

Image may contain: text
Nada te Turbe” (Let Nothing Disturb You) written by St. Teresa of Avila in her breviary (16th C)


About Vincent Pham

Vincent is a humanities student of the University of Toronto’s Trinity College of the Faculty of Arts and Science. He hopes to pursue a double major in Ethics, Law and Society, and Philosophy.
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